Providing customized solutions is in our “DNA” as a firm.

Our approach to investing is based on three fundamental principles:

  1. Risk management is at the core of everything we do.  We believe in taking a disciplined approach to reviewing risks and in leveraging technology to guide our risk management process. Our team has a strong risk orientation.  While we use technology and study historical data to analyze risk, we believe that experience and judgment are as important as any risk model.  Since risk changes over time, we devote significant time and resources in identifying changing risk dynamics.

  2. Costs and taxes are silent killers eroding investment returns.  Costs and taxes can dramatically reduce returns, but they are factors that can be controlled. We seek to minimize these drags on portfolios by thoughtfully managing trading costs and tax impact.

  3. Providing customized solutions is in our “DNA” as a firm. Our investment process and technology infrastructure was designed to provide customized portfolios and benchmarks in an industry that is increasingly unwilling to deviate from standardized approaches to asset management. We offer a variety of solutions, including pre-defined solutions, solutions customized at the advisor-level to serve the needs of the advisor’s clients, and solutions customized at the client-level.